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Our history is one that we’re very proud of as it cements our place as the leader of our field and certainly the most trustworthy service provider of our kind. Moreover it defines us as pioneers in the list of successful internet businesses.

What started in 1998 as an idea to assist people abroad to enter the UK National Lottery (at that time the richest European lottery) soon flourished into a fully fledged business in its own right. With the demand identified, it was only a matter of months and the website became the primary shop window and platform for payment and subscription orders. In 2000/2001, the internet bubble burst and PlayUKlottery.com survived despite thousands of companies being left in tatters – a further attestation that simplicity and integrity make for the perfect (and perhaps the only) way to do business.

Over 10 years down the line we continue to run our business with the above in mind. Keeping our customers as the most important part of our operation has allowed us to grow exponentially through word of mouth alone. We now offer subscription services into most of the world’s largest lotteries and have satisfied customers from almost every country on earth! A feat we’re both proud of and grateful for.

Lottery Information

The process of picking your lotteries, and for that matter, which numbers to play, can be somewhat daunting. This section will give you some insight and information into each of the lotteries on offer. This should aid the decision making process and ensure you are in the loop at all times.

The lotteries below are listed in no particular order.

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