The EuroJackpot lottery

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History Of EuroJackpot:

EuroJackpot was conceived of in late 2011 by countries not participating in the Pan-European EuroMillions lottery. These non-participating countries set about devising their own joint lottery so that they too could share in the excitement of giant jackpot draws. And giant jackpots are just what the EuroJackpot lottery is bringing to the table. Jackpot prizes will start at €10 million with the potential to rise as high as a mouth-watering €90 million!

The first EuroJackpot draw will take place on Friday, 23rd March 2012. was one of the first to bring you the news.

How To Play EuroJackpot

The EuroJackpot lottery follows a very similar ball selection process to the popular Euromillions lottery structure. Number selection follows the below format:

–    Lottery players select 5 numbers from a possible 50 numbers (1 – 50)

–    Lottery players then select a further 2 numbers from a possible 8 numbers (1 – 8 )

To win the main prize, players need to match all 7 lucky lottery numbers. For those players that don’t match all 7 numbers there are a further 11 consolatory prize tiers.

When To Play EuroJackpot

The EuroJackpot draw will take place once a week on Friday night. The draw itself will be held in Helsinki, Finland.