Loteria Nacional Extra

Jackpot Banners

Jackpot Banners

Jackpot Banners

Loteria Nacional Extra offers exciting raffle super draws (sorteos extraordinarios) nearly every month. Prizes in the Loteria Nacional Extra draws invariably rank with the world’s highest lottery jackpot prizes and can now be found online beyond Spanish borders!


Loteria Nacional Extra raffles tickets are sold with predetermined codes; players do not select numbers as in a traditional lottery game. The number of available codes is determined by the rules of the draw. Tickets are printed in a certain number of copies, designated by a “series” number, and are further divided into ten shares for individual purchase.

Loteria Nacional Extra draws boast up to an incredible 37,151 winning combinations and unbeatable 1:3 winning odds!

To win the premio especial top prize, ticket holders must have a specific share in a specific series of the first prize winning ticket. Players will be able to see the premio especial share, series, and code in a banner on this page following the draw.

To find out if you are a winner, check your numbers in the results checker above. Please note: premio especial tickets are not supported by theLotter’s results checker. The premio especial winner will be notified by theLotter in case of a win and can verify the winning share, series, and code in the banner above.

As of 1st January 2013, Spanish lottery prizes that exceed €2,500 will be subject to a government legislated tax at a rate of 20%.